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Something for Nothing

The Cost of Living rises are not your fault. It's tough right now to manage household finances whether you're single, living with a partner or have kids. And it's the same for us with three pre-school aged kids. After all the family bills are paid, there's not a whole lot left behind for the fun extras like days out or holidays.

In fact we've noticed for the first time since opening two years ago that our funky trailer is going empty some nights. So we thought WHAT'S THE POINT OF IT SITTING EMPTY!? That's why we're launching a competition called Something For Nothing. In recognising that people just need a break, we're offering the chance to stay for free for 2 nights in March and 2 nights in April. We're also partnering with a brilliant local restaurant The Jaggy Nettle who will provide a hot dinner. So you really can just put your feet up for a night, and relax in the hot tub after a delicious meal.

Eligibility: winner must be 18 or over, and must not have previously stayed at the Airstream. Check-in from 3pm, Check-out 11am. Must be available to stay on one of the following dates which may be assigned to you. If you can't stay on assigned date, prize will pass on to another winner. Last day to get entries in: 8 March.

- Thursday 16 March

-Sunday 19 March (Mother's Day)

-Thursday 20 April

- Sunday 23 April

All you need to do to enter is email us or Tag on our competition post on facebook or tiktok - who you would take with you (the Airstream sleeps 4) - AND - your name suggestions for our two new tikis at the tiki bar. Simple as that. Please share! It would be amazing to see other local businesses sharing their own #somethingfornothing

Name us please!
The new tiki couple

(hot tub photo credit: Whitney Graham Photography)

Thanks and God Bless.

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