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Feeling thankful for a summer beyond expectations

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Hello. Anyone else feeling autumnal? Did the sensation slowly drift over you, like crispy yellow leaves in the breeze, or did it happen overnight? For me, it's been a sweet and slow burn and I'm still changing into my fall colours (fall.. as we say in Canada) as the days go by. It feels a natural time to reflect on the increible summer that's been.

The month of May brought beginnings. The lockdown curtain had been receding inch by inch until finally staycation holidays were deemed safe at the start of May (and we weren't anywhere near finished the build). But we had bookings from the 14th of May, and it arrived in the blink of an eye!

48 hours before our first ever guests arrived it was just like those renovation reveal shows on TV. Absolute madness. we gave the wetroom shower its first test, only to discover water pouring out the bottom of the trailer so off came the belly pan section rivet by rivet to allow a plumbing repair. But otherwise the showering experience was great!

Then Jack was stringing up the chandeliers by flashlight. And finally it was an all-nighter... laying bark mulch along the gardens, with torches strapped to our heads, fuelled by coffee and redbull. And as the guests' car pulled up we were literally throwing things out of view behind the fence - and there was me leaping through the air and rolling commando-style out of sight - JUST as the Airstream's first visitors stepped onto the bridge. Phew!

And it is Guests That I really want to talk about today. The people who took a chance on this place, even though it had no reviews, when holidays were more important than ever, after endless lockdowns and mental health struggles for many. They gave it a go and we want to say Thank-you. We're thankful also for the kind and honest reviews, which we always take time to read. A few folks even left hand-written cards or tokens as a thanks for creating the space and opening it up for visitors.

But the way we look at it is - the beautfiul old trees with their sageness and Quiet stories were already here - as was the Energetic and life-giving burn, the birdsong.... and the healing energy that these things in concert bring. All we did was make a wee hidey-hole for people to stay in and enjoy it all. The trees just make you feel calm. CAll it what you may - chemical reactions in the brain linked to pheromones produced by the trees, an absence of man-made noise and distractions, or a reflection of God in his handiwork - people who've stayed here so often comment on that. A specialness. A magical wee place where they feel safe and cosy and welcome and alive. The feeling that gives us as hosts, has been unexpectedly overwhelming.

It was a joy to become a host again . I used to let out a room in My Glasgow tenement a few years back, before we moved. And opening up the Airstream has I've remembered how much I enjoy it. We want our guests to feel like someone's thought about them and their needs, even before they arrive. Because everyone works hard, and Life's journey isn't always easy . so when people come here, it's time to relax, breathe, and be restored.

Since we opeend, there've been many birthday weekends spent here, wedding anniversaries, meetings of old friends who live great distances apart - others have stayed who live only down the road! There've been a good few mini-moons and honeymoons, and even a very bijoux wedding.. yes, a wedding! More on that later.. So I'm thankful for a lot just now - my family, all of whom have miraculously avoided Covid as far as we know, my friends, this place, our fabulous guests, a successful venture that started as a wonky, wacky 'what if' conversation, and a faith that continues to anchor me through an otherwise rather uncertain world. Oh! and last but not least, a huge thanks to my parents the 'Grannywagoners' Stephanie and Paul, and our cleaning team Nicola, Kenya and Elaine who keep things ticking over.

Happy 'Fall' everyone!.. and Thanksgiving when it comes... I'm off to dust off my pumpkin pie recipe.

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